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Help your children hear God's voice

with the Mass Journal for Catholic Kids

What if your child could

  • Engage in thoughtful discussion of the readings?
  • Connect Scripture and the Mass to his daily life?
  • Strengthen her faith and critical thinking skills...

all at the same time?

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Look no further than To Hear His Voice.

Because sometimes, Mass is HARD

It’s long. The pews can be uncomfortable. Busy minds wander and have trouble following along. That was definitely the case for my own children: gifted, creative kiddos who struggle with sensory, attention, executive functioning, and anxiety  issues.

I created To Hear His Voice as a gentle remedy for these difficulties, to help my children work through their questions and struggles and fall in love with their Catholic faith.

TO HEAR HIS VOICE MAKES THE MASS ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERY CHILD while encouraging an understanding of Church teaching.  

Why is this important?  Because the statistics on faith and youth are startling:

“It’s almost a crisis in faith. In the whole concept of faith, this is a generation that is struggling with faith in ways that we haven’t seen in previous generations.” - Dr. Mark Gray, Senior Researcher at the Center for Applied Research, Georgetown University Apostolate

Among youth ages 15-25 who have left the church:

13 is the average age at which they stop believing

63% of fallen away youth say they left between the ages of 10 and 17

23% of fallen away youth  say they left before age 10

Far too many of those children will never come back.

If you're like me, you don't want that for your kids.

What you want is to see them fall in love with Catholicism;

embrace the connection between reason and faith;

know the beauty and the truth of Scripture and Tradition;

understand and build a devotion to the Sacraments, to Our Lady, and the Truth of Holy Mother Church.

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As the only Mass journal for kids with an emphasis on engagement in the Word of God and the Sacraments, To Hear His Voice is an excellent tool for family Catechesis:

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Build Critical Thinking

Discussion questions guided by the principles of active reading assist in the development of critical thinking skills, vital for children to own and defend their Catholic faith.

Connect Scripture to Life

Thought-provoking writing prompts and suggestions for evangelization help children relate to the Gospel and apply it to their own lives. 

Make Prayer Time a Reality

Ample space for reflection and journaling offers room for contemplating the Word of God. Suggestions for prayer and devotion are included in every section.


"This journal helps her focus SO. MUCH."

"My daughter aspires to sainthood, but she also is a child with a typical Mass attention span (i.e., not very long!). This journal helps her focus SO. MUCH. She loves that she has plenty of space to illustrate the readings or take notes on the homily. I've seen a total difference in her Mass behavior for the better"

- Kristi Denoy (Hail Marry Blog)

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To Hear His Voice is a Mass journal designed to fit your family's needs. 

Children can use the journal

  • Before Mass to prepare
  • During Mass to follow along
  • After Mass to follow up and discuss

To Hear His Voice offers the complete Sunday and HDO readings (NAB translation), discussion questions, writing prompts, and suggestions for age-appropriate evangelization

Easy-to-read, accurate table of contents helps you find the Mass you're looking for - FAST

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Each chapter includes the exact translation your child will hear from the pulpit.

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Discussion questions build critical thinking skills and knowledge of the Catholic faith. Clean lines and minimalist design keep the focus on the Mass.

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Featured quotations offer inspiration from the saints.

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Thoughtful writing prompts, prayers, and suggestions for evangelization encourage readers to internalize and live out their faith.

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"To Hear His Voice is well-designed. Children can write, draw, or simply discuss their answers to the questions. This is great for at-home use as well as for a group religious education class."

- Patrice Fagnant MacArthur (Today's Catholic Homeschooling)

"Really Lovely."

"It's really lovely...It's big; has room for doodles, journaling, and note taking; and includes all the readings + reflections, quotes from the saints, and more. And if you're looking for something you can either gift to your own children, godchildren, students or use as a family to prepare for or review the Sunday Mass readings I really encourage you to try this.

- Bonnie Engstrom (A Knotted Life)

"A Wonderful Way to Plant Seeds."

"As many of us are struggling to find engaging ways to share our faith with the emerging generations, this tool is such a wonderful way to plant seeds and spark faith-filled conversations about how to live our Catholic faith."

- Sherry Hayes-Pierce (

Ready to Purchase To Hear His Voice?

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To Hear His Voice Years A, B, and C are available now

Have Questions? Worried it won't work for your family?

To Hear His Voice is totally flexible. You can use it any time, any where - not just in Mass.

To Hear His Voice is perfect for
exceptional kiddosI designed it with my own children's talents and special needs in mind. 

To Hear His Voice is great for all age groups. While it's intended for ages 8 and up, I've had parents and grandparents purchase a copy for their own use.

To Hear His Voice won't pull your child's attention away from the Mass. It will draw her in, helping her to engage more fully than she might on her own. 

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This page contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for details. 

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