The Zelie Society

A groundbreaking, private community for women of faith raising exceptional kids 

Motherhood would require sacrifice - that much you understood.

But this path you’re walking - the vocation for which you’ve been chosen?

It feels harder.
More isolating.
Like you’re building towers on waves of shifting sand.

Your kids - and your motherhood, by proxy - are different.

Intensely different from those of your friends. 

Your friends have kids who sleep, who follow directions and wear weather-appropriate clothing. You, on the other hand, are practiced in the art of explanations:

That new clothing styles must come by degrees.
(Yes, I know they aren't sweatpants. Just five minutes. Tomorrow we can try for 10.)

That epic meltdowns follow the slightest change in plans.

That the child who is charming, intelligent, and charismatic with adults is annoying, scattered, and overwhelming to peer groups.

That yes, that child is brilliant, but there are mountains of struggle with school.

You love your children.

You are grateful for your children.

You just aren't sure God should trust you this much.  

But what if...

This life you're leading weren’t so isolating?

There were other faithful women out there, like you?

You had immediate access to prayerful support, practical tools, and professional wisdom any time you needed it? 


The Zelie Society

A refuge

A resource

A community

for Catholic and Christian moms of differently-wired kids.

Named after St. Zelie Martin (the mother of St. Therese of Lisieux), 

The Zelie Society upholds the sanctifying vocation of raising the unique and unrepeatable. 

It's a place that you can call home.

As a member of The Zelie Society, you can share your triumphs, fears, and frustrations without judgment, among women who really do understand.

You have 24/7 access to video training, featuring insight from Christian professionals who see you and get life with exceptional kids.

You are one click away from an exclusive library of tip sheets and guides, full of simple, practical strategies for parenting the exceptional.

When you become a member of The Zelie Society, you’ll get the top-notch support you need to raise exceptional children and root them in extraordinary love

The Zelie Society helps Christian moms of exceptional kids

Get equipped

To face the challenges of everyday living and set their families up for success. You’ll find concrete answers to your biggest struggles: executive function, perfectionism, sensory concerns, underachievement, and the rest. 

Get inspired

By women who see you, who know what it’s like to feel awkward and alone. And because we’ve all been there and faced the same struggles, you won’t face judgment, drama, or heavy-handed comments - just insight and experience from a generous heart. 

Start Thriving

With exceptional video content, including chats with Catholic professionals in the field. With topics like organization, emotional regulation, and flexible liturgical living, you’ll come away a focused advocate for your family and kids.

What's Inside? 

A supportive community

comprised of Catholic and Christian moms with exceptional kids. Our platform is a secret, members-only hybrid of social media and forum capability: you can tailor your content as you wish (plus, no ads; no data mining)

An extensive library of digital content

available only to you. Handy printables, quick video trainings, audio files, and more help you and your kids reorder your minds, hearts, and home. 

A growing collection of expert interviews

with Catholic professionals in the field. Usually the second Saturday of the month, you can join live and participate in the session or catch the replay at another time. 

Plus opportunities for one-on-one coaching, group and individual challenges, book clubs, and more. Content is updated regularly.

Ready to join? 

Membership is closed until September 2021. Want to get on the waitlist? Sign up below:

Got questions? We've got answers!

What if we haven't had an evaluation? Can I still join?

Of course! Neither an evalution nor a diagnosis is required to join. All you need is a willingness to learn from and share with women who walk the same journey. Additionally, moms of children any age are welcome. Don't shy away because your kids are "too young" or "too old."

Do you offer refunds?

While we hope you'll find The Zelie Society absolutely worth it in every way, we know that life and circumstances can result in a change in financial plans. You can stop payment on a monthly subscription at any time; annual plans will be refunded for the full months remaining on your subscription. 

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, you'll receive an invitation to join The Zelie Society via the email you used for payment. Click the link and come on over. You can access the community on desktop or from any mobile device. 

Is my information secure?

Yes, 100%. This is a private community only available to those who are paying members of The Zelie Society. Members must have an official invite to join; it is not searchable and cannot be viewed by anyone outside the group. The software platform does not mine data, and there are no ads. 

Can I share a membership with a friend?

No. Your log in information is only for you. 

How much does it cost again?

$5/mo, or $49 for an annual membership. 

Still have questions? No problem! Shoot an email to

Here's what members of The Zelie Society

are saying: 


The resources, the conversations, the tips I can actually use - all of it makes such a big difference not only with the way I feel about my parenting, but in the actual peace we've achieved at home. I was always the odd woman out with "that kid." I don't feel like that anymore. 

- JM


I am finding it really useful hearing the experiences of others and being able to communicate with them - I like that it's away from regular social media as I have found in the past Facebook really triggers anxiety so I try to stay away from it.



The monthly video chats are sooo good! It's an amazing opportunity to get targeted advice from professionals who don't just share my faith, they know what my life is like. You really can't get much better than that.


Meet Ginny, founder of The Zelie Society.

Hey, friend - I'm Ginny, Catholic mom to three twice-exceptional kids. I know what it's like to raise kids who are wicked smart and creative and oh-so different - 

I know what it's like to feel like a failure as a mother; a stranger in your own skin. 

But - and this is important - God is good, and His wisdom knows no bounds. Inspired by the inspiration of St. Zelie Martin and the graces God showers on those He chooses for this vocation, I founded the website Not So Formulaic and her sister community, The Zelie Society, as a refuge and resource for moms walking their own exceptional path in motherhood. 

You, my friend, are not alone. You never have been.

Join The Zelie Society now 

and become a valued member of this groundbreaking community.

  • An exclusive library of practical, open-and-go digital content 
  • Monthly video trainings with Christian professionals who get life with exceptional kids
  • Fellowship and camaraderie with women who know your heart and understand where you're coming from 

No judgment, no drama - just prayerful support and practical encouragement for your vocation. 

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