God chose you to raise your unique and unrepeatable children.

Don't let fear convince you that you're the wrong woman for the job.

Raising differently-wired kids is a challenging vocation. I'll help you identify and serve their unique gifts and challenges so you can focus on the good stuff: forming a mother-child relationship built on holiness and grace. 

Bring peace to your household and help your child thrive 

Quick Start Guide

Download my free quick start guide, which includes

  • 5 Myths About Raising Quirky Kiddos (understand your children's God-given differences and cherish those quirks as gifts)  
  • The Exceptional Child Information Sheet (a handy, at-a-glance guide for teachers, parents, babysitters, mentors, and coaches) 
  • 100 Patron Saints for Exceptional Kids (a curated list of intercessors categorized by temperament, interest, and more)

Most days, you feel like the only woman on the planet raising kids who are...how should we put this...

A lot.

You're awed by their ability but dismayed by their unorthodox approach to, well, everything - 

Friendships are hard. 

Social gatherings are nigh impossible.

School work is a challenge even though you know it shouldn't be,

and the challenges you face with regards to faith, reason, and morality?

It's enough to make a theologian groan.

You, my friend, are raising out-of-the-box children you love to distraction - 

 and you have the hardest time figuring them out. 

Your kids are different, and your family feels like the only different one out there.  

Let me assure you, lady. 

It's not.

Hey. I'm Ginny, Catholic mom to three differently-wired kids.

I know what it's like to raise curious, creative, intense children - 

To be bowled over by your children's brilliance, only to wonder why no one else is.

To be so exhausted by meltdowns, obsessive interests, outbursts, and anxiety you don't have the energy to clean your house. 

To lose sleep because despite all that potential and ability, you wonder if they'll ever be able to function on their own.

I've been at the breaking point.

I've felt like a failure as a mother.

I've come to see God's grace in this unique and unrepeatable vocation, and I'm here to tell you you aren't alone.

Welcome to Not So Formulaic, a community of faithful women raising exceptional kids

We believe grace grows in the soil of raising the quirky and exceptional. We believe God equips the women He's chosen to raise the unrepeatable and unique. Most importantly, we believe God gives curious, creative, intense children the exact  mother they need to help them thrive and flourish.

You are not a mistake.

You have not failed in your vocation. 

You are the mother your children need.  

As a member of the Not So Formulaic community, you'll develop strategies and tools to help you...


Mothering the exceptional is hard. Find the support and encouragement you need to take care of your kids - and yourself.


Every gifted/2E child learns differently. Explore the educational options available and find the right fit for your child.

Raising differently-wired children in the Church presents a unique set of challenges. Find prayerful support and concrete strategies for Catechesis that sticks.


You're a family of lifelong long learners. Here's a sampling of my favorite books, resources, and links.

What Moms Like You Are Saying

Finding Ginny and her community has been a God send: finally someone who gets it because she is living it every day. Her strength and her faith inspire me to keep moving forward with raising my beautifully, wonderfully, and oh so uniquely made children.

- MH

People who don't have a gifted or 2e child do not understand how difficult it can be. When I try to explain the quirks of my kids to people, it sounds like I'm bragging. I don't have to worry about that here with this community, we understand each other, support each other when we are at our wits end or made a mistake, celebrate our little victories and pray for each other. This community really has been a God send.

- AM

Before finding this community, I always felt alone and out of touch with other mothers; they didn't understand the struggles I was going through with my child. Here, I feel understood and validated in my feelings. While it is a struggle to raise an exceptional child, through this [community], I have learned to see the beauty and goodness in it as well.

- AM

What Moms Like You are Using

Build virtue, strengthen executive function skills, encourage critical thinking, and more with Ginny's latest books and the Family Toolkit Series

A Growth Mindset Journal for Courageous Catholic Youth

A Mass Journal for Catholic Kids

Peace On Purpose Se Promo Image

An Organizational, Motivational Guide for Catholic Tweens and Tweens

Patron Saint List Promo Image

Because Your Child Needs a Posse

So, my friend. What are you waiting for?

Ditch the doubt, frustration, and fear

Download my quick start guide, and gain practical strategies to help your child thrive.

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